Of whale dorks and eggs.

12yo: Since I found out a whale dork is the size of a telephone pole… and you know a dork is their penis, right? Well, I was wondering, if whale penises are so big, are their sperm the size of tadpoles? I mean, whale eggs must be huge to grow into a calf, right?

Me: After the 2-headed sperm question last week, this one didn’t surprise me. But oh, I do love this kid’s brain.  Whale eggs…

Friend 1: We ALWAYS call the kids and each other dorks…..one night at dinner my MIL decided to tell the kids just what a dork was… Thanks, mom!

Friend 2: Ask him if he knows that whales actually have a BONE in their donk. True story.

Friend 3: Yea! Random facts to spew! I’m eating this up!

Me: And really, when talking about bone-filled, pole-sized, whale dorks, spewing is the correct word.

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