Our Approach

Momster Gina

She's a 30-year New Yorker turned 12-year Californian.
Comedian. Writer. Laugher. Slacker. Single mommer. Co-creator of 4 boys.
She used to say things on stage before she got sick.

So instead, she's here to lay it all out for you online. Here you'll find essays, stories, jokes, quips, and maybe even a little shock and awe. If you don't like it, just blame mama.

Our Story

My Story

23 years and counting in parenting four little humans, there have been a lot of things said, done, and experienced. Laughter, love, chocolate, and sharing it on stage and in writing has gotten us through all of it alive.

When people ask me what I do, there is no hesitation, no trepidation, only pride: I'm a mom, a writer, and a comedian. And I love my life. But life as a mom didn’t always come easily to me — or should I say, I didn’t have patience and humor. READ MORE...

My Whole Famn Damily

This will be filled out as soon as I stop procrastinating
or trying to find my missing Crocs the kids say they hate but keep stealing.


Taters, Whack, Oddy, Broccoli

My boys.

I'll get a better pic up someday. Probably not before I have grandkids though.


The Cats

They own us.

Billy The Kiddy is trying to kill me by tripping me and Loki pees on things.


The Dogs

They're neurotic.

One is big and one is small and they're both loved, despite their mental health issues.

There's always more coming...

Enjoy the reading and come back soon.