Kid Leash? Because kids are full of monkey business, amiright?

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I recently saw this adorable monkey mom video online and had to share! Read below to find out what I was thinking about leashing my kids after…

We put a tail on my 4th child. Fourth. I had survived three toddlerhoods, and then along came THE LACHLAN, a force of nature. When he was two or three, I bought him this type of monkey backpack with an extra long tail.

Actually, it may have been gifted or bought at a yard sale since at the time, I was not really into leashing my kids.

It was an actual safety harness and leash to keep him from running away, but he just thought it was a cool backpack because of the clever design where it’s an actual backpack too.

I won’t ever be ashamed of this…we used it the first time at the zoo and even with two parents there to wrangle him, he could’ve LITERALLY gone to the apes at the zoo without that monkey on his back. (See what I did there?)

There are other backpacks of that first type on Amazon with an elephant or giraffe. Go to that toddler monkey backpack page to see those. There’s also a lion you can see through the second type. Then a search monkey leash backpack resulted in several other types. And I scrolled options for way too long for someone who no longer is in the market for toddler harnesses. But hey, they may have saved my wee one’s life, so I’m now a fan.

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