A wart of personality, a wart of personality…

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One of my kids at 9-years-old said, ‎”Mom, my wart grew a personality all its own.”

Friend: Okay then, time to cut a potato in half, rub half on the wart, and plant it in the garden.
No… I know… but honestly. I tried everything… including surgery, and it grew back. Only the potato worked.

Me: Why do you have to plant it in the garden?
I am hoping your answer will be witchcraft.
Fingers crossed.

Friend: I guess it probably is. Apparently it doesn’t work if you don’t bury it. I just did it. Never occurred to me at the time to question.

Me: Do I plant the finger or the potato? I think I did it wrong…

Friend: Use a finger potato next time?

Postscript: I’m glad the wart is gone, but sad it couldn’t continue to grow its own personality.

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